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Get Schooled in Style!


With a  real style "tutor" of your very own!  One-on-one instruction, practical lessons, and accountability ensure that you are really LEARNING how to present your "best" self to the world.  


Remember: One cannot change another's life for her.  Real, lasting change comes from WITHIN. We wouldn't  makeover the external YOU without rediscovering your own INNER-BEAUTY, too!  We promise to treat you as a whole person, with kindness, consideration, and candor.


We offer tips, tricks, techniques, strategies, and solutions for your most vexing wardrobe dilemas.  We TEACH them to you so that you will remember them for years to come.  We aren't going to change your looks or your life--YOU are!  And {My Style Tutor} is here to show you how to make the grade!

Move to the Head of the Class


Did you know that the average woman changes four times before choosing an outfit?  If you have ever torn apart your closet and determined that you have "nothing to wear" or you "hate all your clothes" then {My Style Tutor}  has solutions for you. 



But what about deciding what to wear for that important job interview?  A first date?  A class reunion?  In these instances, there is even more pressure to look your best.  Whether you want to refresh your wardrobe or need an image overhaul, {My Style Tutor} is here to help give you the  look and confidence to live your best life. Whatever your goal, we are here with techniques, advice, information, and support to help you feel and look your best. 



We also show you the season's latest trends, simplified and interpreted for the average suburban woman--without exposing you to all the needless and often unattainable, over-the-top ads that you see in fashion magazines that make you feel badly about yourself.  We teach you how to dress stylishly  by modifiying the trends for your age, body, lifestyle and income level. We believe at {My Style Tutor} that you don't need to be rich or skinny to look great--all you need is KNOWLEDGE!